Vanessa Smit

New England is an awesome preschool where both my girls who are 6 years apart attended and loved. They both ran to get to school in the morning without a backward glance at me and who moaned “why are you so early” every afternoon.

They loved all the fun things they did at school and learnt so much. Plus the awesome outings were always a welcome delight for both mom and child.

During my years at New England I made many wonderful friends who I still see today and so did my girls. Many of my elder daughters friends today at Pelham were friends who she started her schooling with at New England. Strong bonds were formed during those special times that will last forever. New England taught them the value of a good friend and how to always care for others needs.

The classrooms were always filled with all the wonderful art works and made the Moms and Dads very proud. The teachers were helpful, caring and friendly, even on the stressed out days.

I would just like to say thank you to Toni Puttick and her awesome staff for the wonderful years and for growing my children to excel at school today.

  • Sep 16, 2016

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